Oppression is the cruel or unjust treatment that is prolonged. Violent resistance is when people resist oppression using the threat of physical pain or even death to oppressor in order to force them into changing their behavior. On the other hand, non-violent resistance is when people resist oppression by using peaceful means in which people are not harmed and oppressor are often shamed into changing. Agency is the ability to determine the outcome of one’s own life. Oppressed people should use non-violent resistance to gain agency because using violent resistance will just hurt and hurt more people. Than non-violence, you will hurt no one and have a better chance of being heard instead of getting your hands dirty. For example the documents I read the student research which is about the anti-Olympic protest in Brazil, the SeeClickFix data. Also the Malala speech. The 3 documents furthermore describe how non-violent resistance is a better method to resist oppression.  




In the first place, the document for my research project which is the residence protest Olympic eviction is a better method of oppressed people to use nonviolent resistance to gain agency because no one gets hurt. The people that are getting oppressed have a better chance of being heard by their oppressor. The document I analyzed titled Rio residents protest Olympic eviction with a roadblock. The document is about how the Rio resistance in Brazil was getting evicted from their homes and about 90% of residents had moved out pressured. The Brazilian government wanted the land so luxurious hotels and apartments  could be built for visitors who are coming to the Olympic games. Rio residents were going through oppression and decided it was time to resist by going on a nonviolent protest blocking roads, holding flags and chanting for an agency. Furthermore, Stephen Eisenhammer was the one who created this article on April 1, 2015. Additionally, this document is not trustworthy because in the article Stephen doesn’t mention if he was present at the protester witnessed anything. Stephen Eisenhammer probably heard or interview someone who was there at the time which makes Stephen a secondary source but not a primary source. A quote from this document says ‘’blocking the main road into Rio de Janeiro during morning rush-hour traffic. Cars were gridlocked for at least five kilometers in Rio’s southern neighborhood of Barra de Tijuca after around 30 residents stood in the road, holding aloft banners, singing and hitting pans”. This quote shows how oppressed people use nonviolence to resist oppression because the oppressed people are not hurting or damaging any property showing they don’t want to solve anything with violence but rather be heard in a peaceful way. Also, this quote shows that oppressed people should use nonviolence to gain agency because solving things in a peaceful way to your oppressor will make them feel ashamed and blamed. Rather than you using violence and making yourself look like the oppressor because bias people would support the oppressor than the person who needs agency.  



In the Second place, The second document I analyzed is the SeeClickFix data shows that nonviolence is a more effective way to resist oppression and to gain agency because no one is being mistreated or no property is being damaged. The document I analyzed was about A SeeClickFix data Ms.Muniz collected from Issues reported to SeeClickFix. The issues are Graffiti, damaged sidewalks, potholes, trash dumping In Oakland. We did this by taking a picture of the issue and reporting it on the website SeeClickFix and later we got an email stating Open meaning the city hall has seen it. Acknowledged if they have fixed the problem and closed meaning they can’t do anything about it. Furthermore, this document was created by Jason Muniz an Ethnic Studies teacher at Fremont High on April,27.2018.  Also, this document is trustworthy because It was Created by our very own teacher meaning he is a primary source and they students reported this to him and he witnesses the issues reported in 2018. The open part of the data shows how 3 damaged sidewalks, 3 potholes, and 7 trash dumping issue were seen by the city hall. After, in the acknowledge part of the data it shows how 21 damaged sidewalks, 7 potholes and 8 trash dumping this shows how no one is getting hurt and no property has been damaged no violence is being used. This shows how the SeeClickFix website helps our community be a better environment without using any violence towards anyone. Therefore using nonviolence is a better way to gain agency than using violence is because you have to talk to your oppressor first about what they are doing is oppressing you and see if they can fix the issue. If you start using violence towards your oppressor without them knowing what they are doing to oppress you. Then you will look like the oppressor so it’s better to take things slowly instead of taking action to fast.  



In  the third place, the document I analyzed titled Malala’s speech shows that oppressed people should use nonviolent resistance to gain agency because no one is being abused or no private property is being damaged. The document titled Malala’s speech is about how a 16-year-old  girl who was fighting for women’s education but as she was fighting for girls right the Taliban strongly disagreed with her and decided to kill her. The Taliban shot Malala in the face but she survived and never gave up on girls rights and continued fighting matter what the obstacles were. Malala is against violent and just wants peace. The document is an excerpt of Malala’s speech a 16-year-old  girl given to the United Nations General Assembly. Created on July 12, 2013. This document is trustworthy because Malala gave out her very own speech on how she feels. Nobody else said it but her. She is the primary source and it was created recently in 2013 which makes this reliable. The quote “ I am not against anyone. Neither am I here to speak in terms of personal revenge against the Taliban or any other terrorist group. I am here to speak for the right of education for every child”. This quote shows nonviolence because no one is getting harmed or mistreated. In brief, this quotes shows nonviolence because even though she got hurt over fighting for girls education she didn’t want revenge all she wanted was to get an education for girls. If Malala used violence she would have created a cycle of violence which would have harmed more people

SeeClickFix Blog#3




  • What are the different statuses on the posters, and what do each of them mean?     The 3 status of the posters are open, Acknowledge and closed.  Open means that you reported a problem and it’s being seen. Acknowledge means that SeeClickFix has fixed the issue you have reported. Closed means that SeeClickFix  wont fix the problem.
  • Describe what you did (or what you were supposed to do) to find out if the issue you submitted to SeeClickFix was fixed.                                                                      What I did to see If the issue I submitted was fix was that I went back to SeeClickFix and Went back to the issue I reported and saw Information That the issue had been fixed.
  • What changes do you notice from the April 13th posters to the April 27th posters?                                                                                                                                      What I noticed about the posters from April 13th to April 27th was that more and more issues were acknowledged day by day. At the beginning of the project most of the issues were on open or on closed. But as soon as the day went on more issues were acknowledge meaning that it was fixed.
  • Do you think there are any types of issues SeeClickFix is better at getting fixed than others?  Why do you think that?                                                                                      I strongly do think that SeeClickFix is better at some issues than others bc I have seen that SeeClickFix is more available to fix trash that is on the street. Than to fixing potholes or sidewalks that are damaged. Also most of the students have reported issues of trash on streets and were quickly fixed. Than other students who reported potholes or damaged sidewalks most were closed meaning there was no fixing.
  • If an issue someone reported did not get fixed, what is something they might try next?                                                                                                                                                 Something someone would do next if their  issue wasn’t fixed is to find another way to be heard and to fix the issue is to go to the city hall.
  • Do you think people who report issues to SeeClickFix are able to gain agency?  Explain your answer.                                                                                                                  I do think That people who report issues to SeeClickFix are able to gain agency because people report issues that SeeClickFix doesn’t see until people report it.



SeeClickFix Blog #2

  • Describe how the 9th grade students are tracking the progress of the issue we reported using sticky notes and posters.  What do each posters mean?               The 9th grade students are tracking the progress of the issue. By putting information of their issue on a post it note and the issue ID also. Then the students have 3 posters the first one is open, acknowledge and closed. the students first put the post it note on open because that was when the issue was reported, If the students see that the issue has been fixed. The students move the post it note from open to acknowledge. But if the students see that the issue hasn’t been fixed the the students move the post it note from open to closed.
  • What did you learn about the status of the issue you reported to SeeClickFix? Did it change (If so, how)?  Did your issue’s status stay the same? Explain your answer.      What I learned about the status about the issue I reported was that it was acknowledge.        My issue changed from open to acknowledge meaning that my issue has been fixed.                  
  • Describe the response you got about the issue you reported.  What was the message you received? Who sent you that message?              The response to the issue I reported was acknowledged. Meaning that they fixed the issue. The message I received was  to notify me that the city of Oakland had fixed the issue I reported. The city of Oakland sent me the message.   
  • Did any patterns emerge on the poster about which issues are resolved, and which are not?  Explain your answer.                                  The patterns on the poster for the issues reported show mostly the posters on open meaning that issues has been reported but not seen. Also some are on the acknowledge poster  meaning the issue has been fixed. The closed poster has about 3  post it notes meaning that the issue hasn’t been fixed.
  • Is the SeeClickFix project an example of Violent or Non-Violent resistance to oppression?  Explain your answer.                                 SeeClickFix is an example of non violent resistance because it’s not harming the community killing or destroying anything. In fact SeeClickFix is helping the community make it a better place for people to live in.
  • Do you think SeeClickFix can help to solve problems in Oakland?  Explain why or why not.                I do think SeeClickFix can help us solve problems in Oakland. Especially the trash that are in our streets because if it wasn’t for SeeClickFix we would still be having trash, potholes in our streets. SeeClickFix cleans and fixes our street to having a good environment and a clean community.



SeeClickFix Blog #1

  • In your own words describe what the company called SEECLICKFIX does for people living in Oakland.     What the company SeeClickFix does for people living in Oakland is to make the community more clean and safe for others.
  • Do you think SEECLICKFIX helps people in Oakland to resist oppression?  Explain why, or why not.       I do think that SeeClickFix helps people resist oppression in Oakland because  even if it’s not cruel treatment. The problem having trash and pot holes is unjust to our community. Other city don’t have that kind of problem. The city I have seen are very clean and always have their streets clean. For others having the opportunity to have SeeClickFix is great because it free’s us from having to go through oppression.
  • Explain the story of how you took your picture for the SEECLICKFIX project (Describe what you took a picture of, when you took it, where you were, how, and why).        My story of how I took this picture was it was a friday and so I went down the street of 45th with my friend. We saw the trash on the side walk so we took the picture.
  • What did you do in class to join SEECLICKFIX on their website?  Describe the steps you took.      What I did to join the SeeClickfix website is signed up for it. Second  provided information of ourselves. 
  • What did you do in class to report an issue to SEECLICKFIX? DON’T FORGET TO SHARE YOUR ISSUE ID NUMBER!  Describe the steps you took.
  • Do you predict that the City of Oakland will fix the problem you reported?  Explain why, or why not.           What we did to report the issue was take a picture of trash. Second we provided information about  were the trash was and what the issue was. After we  answered  some questions asked by SeeClickFix. Finally  we got a issue ID number  which was 4285262. Than we wrote down the number on a post it note and sticked it on a poster.


Assignment #9


Oppressed people means people who are treated cruel or unjust that is prolonged. Systems of oppression means an organized way of cruel or unjust treatment that is prolonged. Levels of oppression means cruel or unjust treatment that is prolonged into 3 different levels. The 3 levels of oppression is the 3 I’s of oppression which is Institutional, Interpersonal and Internalized oppression. Institutional oppression mean is when oppression happens because of rules, laws and policies. Interpersonal oppression means when oppression happens because of how one person behaves towards another. Internalized oppression means when oppression happens because of how one person chooses to believe negative narratives about themselves.Some ways people are oppressed is by  social system of oppression because a person with power manipulates another person for profit .Also Interpersonal  oppression because it’s how one person acts towards another person.                                                                                                             


Some ways oppressed people experience the different systems of oppression and levels of oppression is by womens low full time wages compare to men.  Which shows social system of oppression. Also shows Interpersonal oppression. Therefore a document I read was about a chart showing womens full time wages compare to men. Also showing the race and ethnicity in 2009. The document is a chart that shows sex,race and ethnicity wages. The United States department of Labor created this chart to track people who work in 2009. A quote from this chart that made it social system and Interpersonal Oppression is the total amount of womens  full time wages which is 657$ in 2009. Mens full time wage in 2009 is 819$. Social system of oppression is the system that oppresses people in this chart because the owner of the job has a connection with paying men their right amount of wage and also having a connection to oppress women by paying their wage lesser than mens. This is also Interpersonal oppression because the owner of the job is paying women very little. Therefore this is  also hegemony of Internalized oppression because women may like or disagree with the wage but they think it’s just the way it is and they can’t do nothing about it.


Some ways oppressed people also  experience the different  systems of oppression and levels of oppression is by Afghan girls being kept from getting an education. Which shows social system  of oppression. Also this shows Interpersonal oppression. A document I read was about how terrorists from Afghanistan will stop at nothing to keep Afghan girls from getting their education. The day the founders of the school opened the school. The school was getting thrown at with hand grenades and 100 girls were killed. Often girls were getting thrown acid at their face. Their water getting poisoned.  There was 185 documented attacks on girl schools. Also the majority who did this harm were connected to armed groups who disagrees to girls’ education. A quote from this document that made it social systems of oppression and interpersonal oppression is “these terrorists treat women,” said Jan, 68. “In their eyes, a women is an object that they can control. They are scared that when these girls get an education, they will become aware of their rights as women and as a human being.”This shows social system of oppression because the terrorists have manipulated women and hurt women because terrorists think they have all the ability to control women. This also shows Interpersonal oppression because the way men treat women is unfairly not letting women get their education. Therefore this also shows hegemony because women think that they can’t do nothing about the situation they are going through about being treated the way they are treated by men. Also thinking women are not worth nothing and that men have all the ability to control over them.

Assignment #8

Finally people with power  are able to marginalize and exploit people with different identities by aztecs having to marginalize and exploit people by having a sacrifice ritual/ killing. Therefore in a document I read was about how the aztec rulers  captured a very skilled or physically perfect aztec. The rulers turned a human warrior into the god of Tezcatlipoca. The aztecs treated  the god of Tezcatlipoca with the finest luxuries, food, clothes,teacher,women and also instruction. At the end of the year the god of Tezcatlipoca was dismembered in public view. In brief this document sympathizes a 17 year old  aztec scribe talking about this impressions on the ritual sacrifice and how the god Tezcatlipoca was dismembered after being treated like a god. The document is a memory written by a young scribe. Then told to and recorded by friar Bernardino de Sahagun several years later 1529. This quote from the document “This seasoned warrior, whom we change from a human into the god Tezcatlipoca, can have no blemish upon his body, and he is treated like our most royal family member during the long year leading up to his sacrifice.’’ this quote exposes how any talented aztec found in the aztec village is treated as a royal god. They get to indicate everything what the village is going to eat ,harvest and do to keep the village surviving. The aztecs do this sacrifice ritual to make their god happy is part of their religion. This shows exploiting and marginalizing because the person picked as an aztec god doesn’t have the right say that he or she doesn’t want to do be part of it. Does Not have the right to say that  honoring or making the aztec rulers god happy is not his religion. The human turned into the god just obeys and waits for death at the end of the year.

Assignment #7


  • Did you receive any comments to your blog?  If so, from whom?  What did they say? No I didn’t receive any comments because I wasn’t here for the assignment.





  • Which students did you write a blog comment for?


The student I wrote a blog  comment for was Kimberly at Life Acadamy.




  • Copy and paste the comment you made for each student in the space below 

What I comment for kimberly’s shadow box was that I liked how  she mentioned her family in the shadow box as the most important thing. I liked it because for me the most important thing is my family and family comes first.


Assignment #4

#1.What RACE do you identify yourself as?  Explain your answer.

My race that I identify myself with is Latino. Because it’s on my physical appearance that I’am latino.

#2.What NATIONALITY do you identify yourself as?  Explain your answer.

My nationality is American. I was born in Oakland CA. which is that the U.S is a country that I’am born in.

#3.What is an ETHNICITY you identify yourself with?  Explain your answer.

My Ethnicity is latino/ Hispanic.My family is latino and my background culture is latino and the people I connect with.

#4. OPTIONAL:  What GENDER IDENTITY do you identify yourself as?

What gender i identify myself with is a female because I’am born a female and I’am going to stay a female. Because I like the way who I’am.

#5.Why do you think Question #4 was optional?  Explain your answer.

I think #4 was optional because you don’t want to pressure that person to say what gender they are. They probably are not sure or confident to say what gender they are. So it’s optional if they want to answer the question or not.

Assignment #3

Question 1:  Describe one of your Chosen Identities on this identity map.  What is it?  Why did you choose this identity?

One of my chosen identity is my favorite artists. Which is sobxrbe. I chose this identity because I love how they sing. The way they sing and what they sing kind of represents who i am.

Question 2:  Describe one of your Assigned Identities on this identity map.  What is it?  Why is this an identity something that is fixed for you, and cannot be changed?

One of my assigned identities is having brown eyes. They are fixed which means I’am naturally born with brown eyes.I can’t change the color well I could but my natural eye color is brown.